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Charlotte Spiritarot

Two years of experience. I use tarot, oracle, runes and intuition to offer in depth readings to promote spiritual growth. Pagan read for with an understanding of light and dark energies and who works with both for balance. Passionate in what I do and what we can discover together.

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Questions and Answers

What spiritual skills do you have?

Astrology, healer, angel cards, healer, spiritual coach, runes, tarot cards and love tarot.

What languages do you speak?


What can I expect from my reading with you?

Honest messages in an understanding manner. A fully trained person-centred counsellor so I have provided professional skills to help people as well as my spiritual gifts.

Describe your journey into the psychic world

Started age 8. I have always been pulled into spirituality through the years. I turned to cards, when I needed answers in life and I have never looked back. My abilities are still growing and I'm still very focused.

What prompted you to start giving readings?

I started by helping myself, then friends then professionally. I am genuinely drawn to healing. I work with young people suffering extreme trauma and reading has massively helped me. I believe a gift is a gift and shouldn't be used just for me.

What are your experience and qualifications?

I have been reading and studying for years now. I have read for friends and family as well as professionally online and in person.

What is your most memorable psychic experience?

Calling a close friend about an affair. Not a great thing to do but the energy in her when she could finally talk about it was very memorable. I generally do readings then forget them. They were not my messages I just try give them.

How do you use the tarot cards as a spiritual tool?

They give messages and I use my intuition.

How do you interpret the tarot cards to focus on love?

The same as any other tarot reading maybe a different speed.

How does spiritual healing flow through you?

I feel them

How can the runes define our past, present and future?

People respond to my energy

What is the importance of spirituality in your life and how do you convey it in your readings?

Hold messages open to interpretation similar to tarot.

Why are angel cards special to you?

Tarot is a brutal message, I use oracle to give positive messages as an extra.

What makes you typical of your star sign?

Adaptability and communication.

Customer feedback

  • Amazing
    Lovely person. Thank you so much ..made me feel so much better. Very accurate about the person I’m interested in. I will certainly be back x
    17/06/2021 21:24:41
  • Nice lady but.....
    Nice lady but I’ve had two totally different love readings from her in the space of a count of weeks. Completely different our ones and predictions and she didn’t really pick up on anything that resonated with me
    17/06/2021 09:14:06
  • Wonderful!
    Wow, speachless by Charlotte's accuracy and helpful messages without asking me any questions! Magical! Thank you, Charlotte! xxx :)
    15/06/2021 09:33:05
  • One of the best readers and so so lovely!
    Thank you for today Charlotte you are so amazing and gifted! Charlotte is always spot on and taps in into the energies. She gave me lots of advise and validation. She explained everything that was happening and will be coming soon, I have so much positivity and hope now. Charlotte is really a natural at this, will definitely come back later and update you on everything! Xxx
    13/06/2021 20:02:11
  • Lovely woman!
    It’s a shame I disconnected from her as it was getting good! She’s so lovely and accurate
    06/06/2021 15:06:50

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