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It wasn't until Mick was in his forties that life caused him to pause after a serious illness, but as part of hi recovery, Mick discovered that spirit was calling him. Within days of visiting a friend who was a medium, not only was he talking to spirit but he was reading tarot professional. Over the years since, Mick has developed his spiritual work to include runes, which are a powerful Viking based oracle, which help lots of people to find out much more about themselves and their place in life. Mick has also been able to work with spirit in his healing. Though once he was a healthcare professional, Mick never really saw that calling as the healer that he was. Since working with Reiki he has been able to act with the special energies around us as a healer much more clearly, engaging in ways that his professional self would never normally expect, and providing beyond doubt the power of Reiki to help and heal both face to face, and at a distance.

  • Clairvoyance
  • Healing
  • Medium
  • Runes
  • Tarot

Questions and Answers

What spiritual skills do you have?

Clairvoyant, medium, healer, runes and tarot

What languages do you speak?


What can I expect from my reading with you?

Encouragement to pay attention to the message of spirit, but a real reluctance to see my reading as a fortune telling component. I believe that we have free will, and fortune telling only happens when we act to create the future that we want. My readings encourage you to learn about yourself and learn to act. I also believe strongly that this reading is for you. Others must make their own decisions and choices. You are the person who is seeking guidance about you.

Describe your journey into the psychic world

It happened very dramatically. I have always been aware of myself as a healer, but it took a serious illness to bring me into a contact with a medium friend, who encouraged me to be part of a class. Within a few moments I was clairaudient, and within weeks was reading tarot professionally.

What prompted you to start giving readings?

A very real need to share the messages of spirit with others, and a need on my part to demonstrate the power of spirit.

What are your experience and qualifications?

I am a TABI endorsed tarot reader, who has as a mentor to new TABI endorsed candidates on a number of occasion. I have been reading weekly for ten years, and have read tarot and runes at fairs and domestic events through that time. I am a Reiki master teacher and provide healing both face to face and at a distance.

What is your most memorable psychic experience?

The first time I attended a support group and was totally aware of the presence of spirit, and able to interact with them in a way obviously clairaudient fashion.

How do you use the tarot cards as a spiritual tool?

Tarot acts with spirit to provide me with answers that I called over otherwise address.

How do the spirits show themselves to you?

I focus on the person seeking love to help them to act to fund it. I don't use tarot to fortune tell or deal with others directly.

How do your visions manifest themselves?

I hear them - I am clairaudient

How does spiritual healing flow through you?

Through Reiki to which I am attuned to master teacher level.

How can the runes define our past, present and future?

They provide guidance to the person as to how the past is shaping today and tomorrow.

Customer feedback

  • My go to
    Straight down the line... but compassionate.. no sugar coating.. but explains each card he turns so you get depth to your situation... does not tell you what to do and is realistic in what he tells you.. no opinions just Michael and the cards... x
    16/06/2021 16:15:19
  • Very negative
    I don’t feel he picked up on me at all. He was very negative in describing how I felt about myself, almost saying I was an emotional wreck and then he suggested I may need some “professional support” to fix this. I didn’t appreciate this at all and I don’t feel this is true at all. I felt quite insulted by it. I didn’t get much information around anyone new coming in which is what I asked, it was all doom and gloom saying well, I needed help and I don’t get where that came from. Tarot readings are just a thing of chance. You could easily have picked up another 5 cards and they could’ve been more positive. I don’t think you should tell someone they need professional support as that could really worry someone who isn’t in the same healthy position that I am in.
    11/06/2021 10:36:01
  • So lovely
    Michael was so lovely to talk to. He told me exactly what I needed to hear and left me feeling very uplifted and positive with life. I’m determined to build a loving relationship with myself from the point onwards :) thank you Michael!
    07/06/2021 18:03:39
  • Got things spot on made me think
    Michael is quick to type/respond picked up on the situation at present with my poi explaining things in great detail he is not here to tell you what to or should do but gives you the information to make your own choices, gave a little prediction so will see what happens in future 🤞🏽Didn’t realise our time was coming to an end but would have happily extended, Thanks Michael
    09/05/2021 12:58:03
  • Thank you
    Fast and straight to the point answer, made sense
    03/05/2021 17:25:07

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