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I am a Pagan. I normally need about 60 seconds to tune in to you, with your kind consent and permission to avoid karma for both parties. When I read the energies please be kind and understand I am sometimes getting carried away with reading the other parties 'feelings and direct' thoughts. I am able to see visuals and get insight from my 'advisors'. I use Pagan runes. They are unique for predicting the future, as well to interoperate problems. The combination with Runes and my visuals, feelings - I can give solutions to your problems from an out of the norm perspective. Please allow me to give you advise- My advise is like a ticking bomb that will ignite later on along the line when synchronistic timing occurs. I am a expert in karma busting. I receive help from 'helpers' who are queuing up to incarnate as humans. I am able to remove - milder cords and attachments. For more difficult ones the session needs to be longer. As they tend to come back. I work with a warrior consciousness who is very old and he can help with serious pain and hopelessness and psychic attacks.

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Questions and Answers

What spiritual skills do you have?

Clairvoyance, runes, tarot , medium and spiritual healer.

What languages do you speak?


What can I expect from my reading with you?

What you will receive from my reading - will be an implanted seed - that will be like a ticking bomb and positively activate you when the time is right. I operate outside the box - and give idea's that people don’t often times consider. To some it might sound unusual, but it is something that they will start to really think about and explore and it will be a 'thread' that will lead them to a brand-new path of information and research. I am often times the trend setter and have quite a few times well know podcast 'hosts', replicate my suggestions.

Describe your journey into the psychic world

I was dealing with heavy psychic targeting due to a long range of issues and I got tired of going to others to seek help. I started practicing Paganism since 2010 and turned my life around. Even though working in the corporate world, my soul desires to turn to spiritual work and helping people. I have noticed that when I work in the spiritual world - I am fulfilling my calling.

What prompted you to start giving readings?

I had personal family and business matters- and needed constantly re-assuring guidance to go ahead with important financial decisions and as well relationship decisions. I noticed - My answers very accurate. I was able to predict presidential elections and outcomes and what obstacles where ahead of humanity. I demonstrated this publicly online prior to 2020 elections.

What are your experience and qualifications?

I have trained with 2 shamans - Tiit Teras , Vambo , Kalju in Estonia. Who are top energy workers, and Shamans. I have published and edited books and pressed films in Estonia.

What is your most memorable psychic experience?

Working with horses. Horse healing is extremely useful to determine and whether person has negative attachments and to eliminate addiction problems and heal.

How do you use the tarot cards as a spiritual tool?

I use Roman Tarot cards that are often times used amongst gypsies. But in reality they are English and European Celtic - that are Pagan and historically are the initiators for Tarot readings. I usually lay out a 12 month spray and that will give me a clear time time line what will the potential future hold for the person in hand. Each month will have a specific message to the person that they need to pay close attention to, as its spirit talking, what to look out for and perfect and do. It is very good way to make plans and know whether a job, relationship will be still ongoing in the next 6 and 12 months.

How do you interpret the tarot cards to focus on love?

With the Roman Tarot cards - the meanings can vary. Only a experienced Tarot reader can interoperate the correct meaning of the 'hang man' , 'death card' etc. regarding a lover. These are completely different scenarios and need to be approached with great responsibility. If you read the 'hang man' or 'death card' only as the end of a relationship and 'as cheating', then the tarot reader is completely irresponsible and incorrect. Once these cards come up, immediatly what is needed is to pull a further more card with a 'question' for a proposed solution. For example. Ok if the partner is manipulative. If I change my own approach and behaviour towards my lover- would things improve and new beginnings can come about." Then further questions can be applied until the reader can propose a 'solution'. The idea is about exploring and finding solutions. Not jumping the gun and entering the 'blame game'.

How do the spirits show themselves to you?

- Spirits come to my energy field initially as a feeling, then I start to see their appearance literally in 'astral plane' as I look a little bit to my right hand side'. I always see them on my right hand side. They then speak to me telepathically and give me the messages the person in hand is asking for. I specially enjoy giving people the closer or messages they need - as I have lost family members I didn't see for 20 years plus and never had the chance to say good bye to them. So it gives me joy to tell people some things - they should have known and that they didn't know. This is crucial for revelations and moving on and healing 'thy's soul and pain.

How do your visions manifest themselves?

I have unique power as far as sending people positive intent that manifests. If the person asks me to help them - the best thing I offer normally is to pray for their wellbeing. The prayer technique I use - is non-religious and causes no 'Anchoring' effects or karma. So, both parties are protected.

How does spiritual healing flow through you?

I always start healing with a specific shamanic mantra thought to me by a very old soul. The energy then starts to comes in from that moment on then. I as well use specific technology to perform spiritual healing. I will ask the person for permission to enter. Then I will run a specific device in astral plane through them to cleans and remove all inflammatory influences. When the person allows me in - then I will be able to remove specific cords from their different acupuncture points that will ignite energy flow that will then bring about changes in their life and 'ideas' - 'thoughts' they never had before.

How can the runes define our past, present and future?

I use Pagan Runes. They are able to interoperate the persons relevant karma -'past', and what might be the outcome to their question - 'future'. I pick a rune and it is enough for me- when the question has been formatted the correct way. Sometimes two questions are needed. Will they get a 'response' and what - will the 'response be.

What is the importance of spirituality in your life and how do you convey it in your readings?

I am able to remove 'negative' cords remotely from the human body. I can see them attached to certain human body parts - and remove them with a 'golden filter' that I use. I work with a INDIAN warrior consciousness, who is my assistant, and he is designed to help for these tasks.

Customer feedback

  • Friendly and clear
    A highly unusual reading but very interesting and compelling. Clear instructions given. A different approach but valid and helpful advice Thanks Pagan P excellent. Xxx
    14/06/2021 10:41:00
  • Did not even answered to me, waste of time!!!!
    I booked myself a session with Pagan to chat online but right after I told about my issue she just kept quiet and then rudely just cut me off. Not recommended!
    11/06/2021 21:43:04
  • sorry got cut off
    So sorry got cut off, haven't noticed the time has run off :((. Thanks so much for a lovely reading xx
    08/06/2021 22:08:53
  • Wise Woman
    Extremly knowledgeable young lady. Extremly helpful and kind. Deeply grateful for all your help and wisdom this evening . A completely new path has opened up for me already after our conversation earlier. Thanks a million. Love and blessings to you. I WILL BE BACK!
    20/05/2021 23:44:37
  • Amazing
    Amazing True person and everything was honest true and I can't express how much great full I am ....thank you Pagan I'm so glad I have found you
    17/05/2021 22:56:54

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